Other services

Other activities of our company's environmental and occupational health throughout the territory

Other measurements

  • Indoor acoustic testing
  • Airborne sound insulation
  • Infra- and ultrasound measurements
  • Lighting measurements

Damage prevention

  • Fact-finding assessment by polluted fields
  • Computerized modelling of the contamination’s spread, risk assessment
  • Planning, licensing and construction of remediation systems
  • Charting of areas contaminated with carbohydrates with analysing instruments on the spot

Noise reduction and implementation

  • Industrial noise reducing and implementation
  • Workplace noise reducing and implementationfiel
  • Indoor acoustic implementation

Enviromental expertise, managment, planning

  • Environmental impact assessments, impact studies, risk assessments
  • Environmental revision, status survey, performance evaluation, licensing, competitions, regulations, representation
  • Construction of noise and vibration reduction systems and noise mapping
  • Computerized modeling of air pollution
  • Air purity protection and waste notifications
  • Preparation of environmental programmes for settlements
  • Feasibility studies
  • Environmental planning for building/construction permit
  • Operating plans for waste management, water quality protection and damage control
  • Planning, installing and operating of environmental, groundwater controlling, and remediation monitoring systems

Work and fire protection, disaster management

  • Risk analysis (work safety and health, biological, chemical)
  • Prevention strategies for work safety and health
  • Security and health protection planning
  • Elaboration of regulations and instructions; trainings
  • Organization of periodic controls and reviews
  • Planning and organizational tasks of disaster management, safety analysis
  • Representation for work-and fire protection>

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