Accredited measuring, sampling

The AKUSZTIKA Engineering Office Ltd. is an accredited organisation registered by the National Accreditation Council (NAH) under number NAH-1-1417/2017. The scope of the accreditation includes the sampling and testing of the main elements of the environment (noise, vibration, air, soil and water) as well as wastes and wastewaters.

Air quality control measurements

  • Air immission measurements
  • Air pollution testing of workplaces
  • Climate and ventilation technique measurements

Noise and vibration measurements

  • Ambient noise and vibration measurements
  • Traffic noise and vibration measurements
  • Noise and vibration measurements at workplaces

Sampling for analytical testing

  • From geological medium
  • From peat and processed peat
  • From subsoil water
  • From sewage and sludge
  • From communal, inert and hazardous wastes
  • From surface water

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